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WHY YOU ARE WEIRD & ANNOYING: the Temperament Self-Analysis Theory (temperaments Free PDF download)




What we consistently do every morning is called Habits – Brain Tracy. So where can we say Habit emanates? Does temperament has anything to do with it?

Four Temperaments: Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric, and Melancholic Personality Types. This is a massive topic I never knew was influential until I found out why I am just THE WAY I AM.

The Four Human Temperaments also seen as the Transformed Soul personality traits answers some weird questions such as he is hot tempered, boring, indecisive, unorganized, and unaccountable and you name them.

These 4 Primary Temperaments will also explain why some persons can drive you mad almost instantly, make you go to planet 4 in a split of a second (whatever that means), and let’s say, make everyone attracted to them.

So, are you weird? I bet you want to tell me as you also discover it shortly. 🙂


What is temperament? – The Four Temperaments

Temperament is a combination of inborn traits that are inherited from parents that subconsciously affect your behavior.

It is your temperament that makes you an EXTROVERT. It influences behavior, home life, trainings, educational preference for materials, likes & dislikes, strengths & weaknesses etc.

Temperament Self-Analysis Theory

This historical concept about temperament & Personality Types was explored by philosophers, psychologists, psychiatrists and psycho-physiologists from very early times of psychological science, with theories proposed by Immanuel Kant, Hermann Lotze, Ivan Pavlov, Carl Jung, Gerardus Heymans among others.

More recently, scientists seeking evidence of a biological basis of personality have further examined the relationship between temperament and neurotransmitter systems and character (defined in this context as developmental aspects of personality).

If you are like me, I am bored already about the histories. You can read the Thomas and Chess’s nine temperament characteristics and overall temperament histories here.

So congratulations for reading the temperament theory because you will not only discover why you behave the way you do but also know why you act the way they do.

There are four, major types of temperament which are SANGUINE CHOLERIC, MEIANCHOLY & PHLEGMATIC. Check out the behavior of the four temperaments in the following interesting situations.


The Four Temperament Examples & Patterns

When in a Room Waiting

A Sanguine: Talks about anything before facing the real problem.

Choleric: Goes straight to the point. Does not have time to gist.

Melancholy: Filled with depression. Self-pity and sadness etched on the face

Phlegmatic: Is never the first to start any conversation.


When Eating

Sanguine: Eats anything in sight and anywhere.

Choleric: Stereotyped caters. Seldom vary their daily & eat in big chunk.

Melancholy: Picky eaters who are selective.

Phlegmatic: Takes forever to finish a meal.


Temperament Self-Analysis Theory


Driving & Speed

Sanguine: Erratic drivers, speeds and later slows down for no reason, always looking out for eye contact while driving.

Choleric: Daring speed driver. Change lanes in traffic constantly.

Melancholy: Prepares well before leaving for any trip & always know the best route to destination and rarely speed.

Phlegmatic: Drives slowly. Do not change lanes and indecisive.


Study Habit. 

Sanguine: High IQ. But usually weak in studies. Easily distracted by hone, bird, tv or anything due to indiscipline.

Choleric: Clever but not brilliant. Reads with speed and is usually inquisitive.

Melancholy: Enjoy learning. Reads for long hours with ferocious appetite for books. Has keen retentive mind.

Phlegmatic: Study well but most times prefer short term reading too long term reading.

We will see more of the temperament examples later on. For now, let’s dive into the uniqueness of each Temperament theory psychology.


Temperament types | Theory | Psychology

Temperament Self-Analysis Theory

Temperament type: SANGUINE:

Sanguine are a warm, flamboyant, lively & energetic person who is receptive by nature. They are easily attracted by external impressions that cause an outburst of response. Makes decisions based on feelings rather than reflective thoughts.

The Sanguine is so outgoing and considered to be a super-extrovert who has an equal capacity for enjoyment and usually likes people & loves people bent& around him.

A sanguine in a room lifts the spirit of everyone present by exuberant conversations. A fascinating storyteller with warm emotional nature who never lacks for friends. Generally, feels the joys & sorrows of people and make them feel important.

The individual who has this type of temperament enters a room mouth first in noisy, blustering and friendly ways. Appears more confident with high energy and lovable disposition to get ahead in life.


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Temperament type: CHOLERIC

The CHOLERIC are hot, quick, active, practical, strong-willed, self-sufficient and very independent. Has the tendency to be decisive & biased. Finds it also easy to make self-decisions & for others. Like the sanguine, the choleric is also an extrovert but not as nearly intense.

The Choleric is an activist, who is not stimulated by the environment but stimulate the environment with endless ideas, goals, plans & ambitions.

The choleric does not engage in aimless activities, has a keen practical mind, capable of making sound instant decisions or planning worthwhile.

Never affected by pressure or what others think, takes a definite stand on issues and can be found crusading against some social injustice and not frightened by adversaries: thus brings encouragement.

With a high amount of determination, success is sure where others have failed.

The Choleric is not notionally attuned and does not sympathize easily with others nor naturally can express compassion, tears for others, be seen as disgusting.

When a Choleric starts a project there are tendencies of running into roughshod over individuals that may stand in their way.

Has a domineering and bossy attitude and may not hesitate to use people to complete his undying project or aim and is usually considered as an opportunist.


Temperament type: MELANCHOLY

The Melancholy trait type has the richest of all temperaments, sacrificing, gifted, perfectionist who has a very sensitive nature.

By nature, the Melancholy is introverted but has predominated feelings that are prone to a variety of moods. Sometimes filled with heights of ecstasy & behave extrovertly and other times gloomy and depressed so they become withdrawn and quite antagonistic.

The Melancholy are faithful; mends and most times let people come to make friends with them rather than make friends with people. Very dependable and a perfectionist who likes others but has a strong desire to be loved in return and also find it difficult to express their true feelings.

Disappointing experience provides the unwillingness to take people at face value, thus are prone to be suspicious when others show them too much attention.

The melancholy has a strong, exceptional analytical ability to diagnose accurately the obstacles and dangers of any project. Finds great meaning in life through strong personal sacrifice and this makes them industrious.


Temperament type: PHLEGMATIC

PHLEGMATIC are calm, easy going never get upset individual with such a high boiling point that anger is absent in their Mind.

The easiest type of person to get along with and by nature the most likable of all temperaments is phlegmatic.

For a phlegmatic, life is a happy, unexcited, pleasant experience and avoids as much involvement in anything. Calm and never in a hurry no matter the circumstances around.

This temperament has a consistent nature with the ability to handle various capabilities that feels more emotions, appreciates fine arts and beautiful things of life and usually avoids violence or trouble. The phlegmatic does not lack for friends because of the enjoyment with people and dry sense of humor.

This type of individual maintains a positive approach to life. Has good retentive mind and capable of being a fine initiator.

The phlegmatic never gets very much involved with the activities of others. Needs high motivation of any form to go beyond daily routines. Never volunteers to take the lead but when imposed to lead, the leadership capacity and capabilities spring forth. The phlegmatic is a natural peacemaker.


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The Type 4 Temperaments Test & Psychology Analysis

Perhaps you have gotten a full idea of the Temperament type you are, if not, this will put you in the right spot you belong. Let’s go.

Choleric Temperament | Phlegmatic | Sanguine | Melancholy Temperament – SHOPPING

Sanguine: Buys on the spot which most times are not planned for. Does not take note of details of purchased product.

Choleric: Shop only when the need arises and sometimes overbuy.

Melancholy: Shop deliberately and decisively comparing prices, quality & quantity taking note of details. Phlegmatic: Enjoy shopping but takes time to decide what or which to buy.


Choleric Temperament | Phlegmatic | Sanguine | Melancholy Temperament – Handwriting

Sanguine: Expressive and flamboyant

Choleric: Writes fast but poor handwriting.

Melancholy: Mostly handwriting is unpredictable. Depend on the current mood.

Phlegmatic: Usually small but neat handwriting.


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Choleric Temperament | Phlegmatic | Sanguine | Melancholy Temperament – Communicating Skills

Sanguine: Speak intuitively. Overly expressive and exaggerates freely.

Choleric: Speak freely but more deliberate Good at arguments.

Melancholy: thinks first before speaking. Can speak too much at times.

Phlegmatic: Shy, quiet about everything and usually speak within themselves.

We are getting into the most interesting part. We want to see the Temperament Self-Analysis Theory – strengths and weaknesses of all the 4 types of personality traits.


4 Most Common Temperament Types Strength & Weakness

Temperament Self-Analysis Theory

Strength And Weakness Of Sanguine



Emotional warm

Lack in Discipline



Fun loving


Outgoing & friendly

Emotional Excitable

Verbally articulate

Prone to exaggeration


Strength & Weakness Of Choleric











Active & Energetic



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Strength & Weakness Of Melancholy




Overly cautious


Deeply emotional

Orderly & organized

Easily offended




Too rigid


Strength & Weakness Of Phlegmatic



Calm, cool

Passive & Unmotivated

Easy going

Subject to procrastination




Fearful & filled with wrong


Lack initiative

Get the full list at the end – promised PDF.


Temperament Self-Analysis Theory on Your Career

Do you think someone else was chosen in your place? This can have a bit to do with your personality trait. Don’t think so? Well, let’s see if this has any jot of lines to dope with your temperament.

SANGUINE: the world is enriched with sanguine that are cheerful and naturally charismatic who make excellent sales People, Politicians, actors, entertainers, preachers (particularly evangelist), masters of ceremonies, auctioneers and sometimes leaders.

In the area of helping people, sanguine excel as hospital workers, doctors, nurses, relief staff, reserve workers and make it a priority to make other people happy.

CHOLERIC: any profession that requires leadership, motivation and productivity is open to the Choleric provided it does it does not require too much attention to details & analytical planning.

Committee meeting & long range planning are always boring.

Choleric prefer to be supervisors of people. Some are entrepreneurs that formulate ideas & launch out in new directions


Generally, this temperament type has the highest IQ, creativity, imagination and capable of perfection.

Most world great composers, artists, musicians, inventors, philosophers, theologians, scientists, and dedicated educators predominantly possessed this temperament.

Any vocation that requires perfection, self-sacrifice and creativity is open to a melancholy that seldom places self-imposed limitations by exaggerating obstacles.

PHLEGMATIC: by nature is a cool detailed individual who works quietly. A master at anything that requires meticulous patience and daily routine.

The gentle nature of the phlegmatic assures the ideal atmosphere for teaching or lecturing. A quiet worker who will excel as an administrator, librarian, counselor and head of a department or unit. Another appealing field is engineering where planning and calculation are required.


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The Temperament theory of Personality of Your Children

Have you ever wondered why some children are less motivated?

If you ask me, I would say, I wonder why they are not motivated. Do you think they need a motivator to kick their motivated balls? Well, that’s a story for another day, the concept is based on the 9 nine temperament as characterized by Thomas, Chess & Birch.

#1. Adaptability: refers to how long it takes the child to adjust to change over time (as opposed to an initial reaction). Does the child adjust to the changes in their environment easily, or is the child resistant? A child who adjusts easily may be quick to settle into a new routine, whereas a resistant child may take a long time to adjust to the situation.

#2. Intensity: refers to the energy level of a positive or negative response. Does the child react intensely to a situation, or does the child respond in a calm and quiet manner? A more intense child may jump up and down screaming with excitement, whereas a mild-mannered child may smile or show no emotion.

#3. Regularity: also known as rhythmicity, refers to the level of predictability in a child’s biological functions, such as waking, becoming tired, hunger, and bowel movements.

Does the child have a routine in eating and sleeping habits, or are these events more random? For example, a child with a high regularity rating may want to eat at 2 p.m. every day, whereas a child lower on the regularity scale may eat at sporadic times throughout the day.

#4. Initial reaction: also known as approach or withdrawal. This refers to how the child responds (whether positively or negatively) to new people or environments. Does the child approach people or things in the environment without hesitation, or does the child shy away?

A bold child tends to approach things quickly, as if without thinking, whereas a cautious child typically prefers to watch for a while before engaging in new experiences.

Finding out all these trait does not mean our children are boring, that is far from it. They are just unique in their own badass way, so, we’ve got to embrace them as they get better by improvement (if need be).

In order not to stress you more, the full list is down below.


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Temperament Types And Marriage

Temperament Self-Analysis Theory

Now this part is essential such that you’ve got to be analytical about it. Here is the summary about of the 4 temperament traits before you consider a loving relationship.

Two Melancholies

Two Melancholies might marry but very unlikely. Their analytical traits find negative quality in others and thus neither would pursue the other.

Two Phlegmatic

Two Phlegmatic would rarely marry; for they both would die of old age before one got enough steam to propose. Besides, they are so protective of their feeling that they could go steady with a person for a very long time before saying “I love you”.

You can get the full detail below (you’ll discover why your boyfriend took forever to ask you to be his girlfriend or propose (if he is yet to).

Get the full temperament Free PDF download


Final Notes on the Temperament Self-Analysis Theory

The strengths and weaknesses of temperaments, does that sound a warning? Hmmm.

Our temperaments, for sure has the greatest (great, at least) influence in our lives which we must have seen having read this piece of information. I would round this up by saying, congrats as you have found out why you/some persons are weird, indecisive or disorganized *(sometimes) and overly positive.

Of course, being any of the former does not mean you are lazy or any worse case, nope, it’s just an alignment so as not to judge you negatively.

From your temperament trait discovery, you can simply know how to manage what influences you which starts with your temperament.

On the flip side, it is noted that you may not be able to change your temperament status since each of us is unique in our own way.  Be it as it may, what you want to do is embrace, improve upon (if need be), move on and enjoy your life to the fullest.

  Temperaments And Relationships PDF FREE Download




Instruction: carefully, truthfully and sincerely PICK ONLY the action or attribute that applies most to you in each number.

Click here – THE TEST if you are ready to discover how temperament type can influence you.

If your partner hasn’t said I love you before, the test will give you a glue but the PDF lists everything out. Let’s play.


Tips: Israel Olokode | Photo: Pixabay

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