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The 41+ Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments You Wish You Never Saw Before Dinner Tonight: 49/50 People Cried Like Crab

The only mistake he did was to be born in Syria



One of the best questions you probably might want to ask when you see these pictures will be, Is Human Kindness, Dead?

Well, while I can speak for no one, however one thing is sure. There are still good people out there and I strongly believe that if you are reading this now, you are one of them.  Meaning, there is still hope for the living, right?

Away from that, let’s see the 50 pictures which we can attest to be the most horrifying, relatively so far.


Disclosure: A lot of graphic Contents ahead. If not comfortable, go ahead and read this first


40+ Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments We Cried

#1. The Russian Sleep Experiment.

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

In the 1940s, a group of Russian researchers sealed five prison inmates in an airtight chamber.

The prisoners were dosed with an experimental gas that would prevent them from sleeping. Their conversations were electronically monitored, and their behavior was observed through secret two-way mirrors.

For the first few days, everything seemed fine. But after the fifth day, they slowly began to exhibit signs of stress. They became paranoid and stopped talking to one another, whispering about each other into the microphones.

Nine days in, the screaming began. Two of the sleepless prisoners just started running around the chamber, yelling so hard their vocal cords nearly broke.Most Horrifying Pictures-MomentsSuddenly, however, the voices stopped, and the chamber became dead quiet. Fearing the worst, the researchers announced that they were opening the chamber. But a voice from inside answered: “We no longer want to be freed.”

The Russian Sleep Experiment | Colleen Anne Coyle.


#2. Maxwell Adam Mahama, died for protecting his own

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

It was a story in Ghana that touched the rests of African Countries in late 2016 or 2017. When a new regime began in Ghana, they kicked against illegal mining of gold which was going on in some parts of the country. Note that this mining activity had effects such as air pollution, water sources destruction and more.

In the other way round, this was a source of livelihood for the people of brouhaha, in Central Region of the country. As a result of the adverse destruction, the government had to send soldiers in those communities to see to it that such act came to halt.

Maxwell Adam Mahama Died

A young army captain leading a detachment were sent to one community and people involved in this galamsey hated him for his zeal to prevent them from practicing it.

The community thereby planned his death as he was finally set on fire. See the full story.

Tips: Samuella Karche.


#3. Sangeeta and Vaishnavi in Bhopal

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

The little man you are seeing here is the two year old Vaishnavi feeding her mother Sangeeta, who is a double amputee.

The little man’s mom lost both her arms above the elbow joint. In the photograph, she is sitting on a roadside and is being offered food by her two year old daughter.

 Little Vaishnavi Mom’s Story

The woman’s name is Sangeeta. She used to work as a laborer at construction sites. On a fateful day, Sangeeta met with an accident at one such site of Multai township in Madhya Pradesh. Despite their best efforts, doctors could not save her arms. Having been disabled, Sangeeta’s life descended into darkness.

But soon after the accident, a man named Suresh Behare came and married her. Suresh was fully aware of Sangeeta’s disability at the time of marriage. The couple ran from pillar to post in hope of finding some help.

They even approached both the district administration and the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. But no one helped them.

Their two year old, cute and responsible daughter bears a very beautiful name, Vaishnavi. Ironically, the photo was taken during the second National Convention on Children’s Right to Food in Bhopal.

The photograph is truly heartrending for those who can feel. Sangeeta can not even caress Vishanavi for her dutiful behavior.

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

At the tender age of two, Vaishnavi is playing the role of mother for her mother. Imagine what all would be going through Sangeeta’s heart.

Look at the hands of Vaishanavi. Such lovely little hands! Her face is the definition of innocence. At this age when children make tantrums and even fight for food, Vaishnavi has evidently understood her mother’s constraints.

Tips: Lalit Kuma.


#4. Martin Laurello, “The Human Owl.”

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

This is Martin Laurello, who was known as “The Human Owl.” Won’t you cry because of what he’s turned into? In case you are not moved, no worries because this guy was a legend. Here is why.

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

Martin Joe Laurello, also known by the stage names Human Owl and Bobby the Boy with the Revolving Head, was a German-American sideshow performer and biological rarity who could turn his head 180 degrees.

So, his case was not of a permanent stuff.

Tips: Toushif Rahman


#5. A Victim Of Vivisection

This woman was a victim of vivisection. That’s when you slice someone open. Yes, she was alive. No, she wasn’t given anesthesia.

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

She was a prisoner at Unit 731. It was a biological and chemical research facility, operated by Japan from 1937–1945. Victims included Chinese, Soviet, Mongolian and Korean civilians, along with Allied POWs.

Trust me, you didn’t want to end up here.

Experiments included tying prisoners to poles, then either burning them with a flamethrower or throwing bombs at them. You could also be put in a centrifuge and spun to death, or be injected with animal blood.

But the most sickening part? The US granted immunity to many of the “scientists” who worked there. They didn’t get punished. They got rewarded.

Contr: Mads Olsen.


#6. A Child Waited Upon by a Vulture

It’s is hard to believe but the truth is the year a lot of great men were born, 1992, others were being waited upon by another prey to be preyed upon.

What do I Mean? Look at the image below.

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

What do you see? A child trying to pick stones or praying? Nope. Here is it.

The Vulture you’ve seen is waiting for the malnourished child to die (1992) so she can devour him.

In case you are feeling sick already, here is a damn it fact. This photograph created quite a stir on the humaneness of photographing community. The photographer who took this shot committed suicide despite being awarded for this photo.


#7. A Homeless And Hungry Man Eats Off A Railway Track In India

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

Since the time I saw a family marched up to waste side to pick food, I knew that things (just 2 square meals) are really tough with people.

With the image above, do you think this man thinks of what to wear tomorrow, college degree, a life partner and all the things sane people hunger for? No. All he needs is a portion of daily food.


#8. A German Soldier Returned To Meet No One Home

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

How would you start all over again? How many children are we even talking about here? Let’s say he had 3 children, is he to marry same year and move on just like that?

Should you be puzzling of what happened to him, here is it? He is one of the few unlucky German soldiers, Frankfurt (1946), who returned home only to find his family were no longer there –


#9. A Pose After Killing An Innocent Boy

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

The picture above shows a gallant and well-equipped US soldier giving pose for a picture during killing an innocent, bare handed poor Afghan boy named Gul Mudin. The boy was the son of a farmer in 2010.

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

Question; Does killing innocent people make people bullish? If no then why his smiling face? 


#10. Heads On Display like Trophies

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

Truth is, nothing can be more horrific than watching severed heads on display like trophies.


See this  5 Emotional Life Stories that Reveals REAL Human Ungratefulness 


#11. Job Hunting In 1930s

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

Mainnnn, you’ve got to celebrate that you are in a relived era and not a period marked by the Great Depression.

Contr: Mohammad Naveed.


#12. Tsunami attacking Japan in 2011.

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

The water current was so great that series of properties were washed away.

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments


#13. People in Haiti Literally Eating Mud Cookies For Survival

Most Horrifying Pictures-MomentsHave you ever wasted food? If yes, then this will hunt you.

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

While we are wasting food and money around the world, people in Haiti are literally eating mud cookies to survive. Can we imagine their sufferings?


#14. A Survival Battle in Syria

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

Some horrific photos from Syria on the aftermath of bombings.

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments


#15. A Syrian Father With His Dead

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

I don’t know how to say it but the man you’ve seen above is a Syrian father who witnessed the death of his 22 relatives. Come on, 22 is not 2 or 5.


Get Bullish – Only People With IQ Range 120-169 Know The Meaning Of These 20 English Words


#16. Tears Amidst his Brother’s Dead

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

The photo above shows a Syrian boy crying in front of his dead brother who was rolled up for burial.

Contr: Google | N. Haque


#17. A 14-Year-Old Student Beaten To Satisfaction

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

A 14-year-old student from Busan, South Korea, was beaten by five middle school students (13 to 14). They used metal pipes, chairs, soju bottles and lit cigarettes to brutally attack her, nearly killing her in the process. They viciously attacked her for an hour and a half.

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

On a separate incident, the bullies dragged the victim to a karaoke room and hit her until she had injuries that took two weeks to heal. Then, the bullies dragged her to another hidden location and beat her for another hour. The bullies also invited male students to touch the victim inappropriately.

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

The bullies also sexually harassed the victim by telling her that they’d let her go if she had sex with one of their male friends in front of them.


Wait a minute.

What have you heard of Mother Theresa?

Mother Theresa

A living saint? Here is the true story. Ascertain if truly she was a popularized Saint. 


#18. Killed After Being Accused of Burning The Quran

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

This is Farkhunda Malikzada.

She was 27.

She was studying Islam.

She was accused of burning the Quran.


What happened after the accusation?

A crowd gathered. Then, that crowd became a mob.

The police tried to intervene but the mob was too large and feverish.

Beatings were followed by a car running her over, dragging her approx. 300 ft.

After that, she was stoned repeatedly.

Once the stoning was finished, she was burned to ashes.

Contr: Yonkan Erkan


#19. The Remains of An Iraqi Soldier

His body was almost entirely burned away. He had been riding in a humvee at the time that it was struck by a rocket. The vehicle burned, and so did everyone inside it.

But this poor chap did not give up, even though his skin was burned away to the bone (his skull is showing), and his muscle structure is visible.

Most Horrifying Pictures-MomentsHe is seen in the position in which he died, trying to clamber out of the smoldering wreckage. The pain this man felt before he died, must have been unimaginable.

According to the photographer, “he simply crumbled to dust”. A chilling reminder that all we are made of is pliable flesh and bone.

Contr: Connor Cuevo


#20. A Lady aborts or kills a fetus. 

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments


See this – 10 Annoying pictures depicting man’s brutal wrong


#21.Seeing Your Living Dead

The above is not a movie. Looking at the picture above, I was considering what must have gone through his head. “I am dead. Someone please help. Lord help me. Pease, please And Many More please(s)”.

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

The man you’ve seen was unable to get off the subway tracks in New York City with a train bearing down after been pushed into it.

Guess what happened? He was fatally struck by a train. Now, how do you reconcile the fact that you see DEATH coming but you can’t salvage yourself?


#22. Trapped In Water And Concrete For Three Days

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

The above is Omayra Sanchez, a young victim of the Armero Tragedy in Colombia, 1985.

She was a victim of a Colombian volcano disaster. Omayra Sanchez was trapped in water and concrete for three days. This photo was taken shortly before she died.


#23. The Aftermath Of A Car Accident In 1945

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

Contr: Adnan Shaikh


#24. Starved To Death

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

The above captures the Pile of bodies in the Warsaw ghetto, humans you can tell where in dying need of food, even muddy snacks we saw above.

Contr: Abhijay Kumar


#25. Starving Mongolian Woman

Firstly published in National Geographic in 1913 by Stefan Passe.

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

The photo captures a Starving Mongolian Woman. Of course, a common punishment for criminals was being placed in a box like this in public… possibly until starvation.


#26. The Liberian Civil War

An American, Los Angeles Times photographer Carolyn Cole took this terrifying photo during her assignment in Liberia. Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

It shows the devastating effects of the Liberian Civil War.


#27. A Concentration Camp Mass Grave

The Nazis killed 50,000 people at the Bergen-Belsen camp before it was liberated in 1945 (Anne Frank was among those slaughtered).

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

“Mass Grave 3” shows camp doctor Fritz Klein standing among the dead. He decided if prisoners should be sent to the gas chamber because they were unfit to work. He was later hanged for his atrocities.


#28. The Nagasaki Brothers

Shortly after the bombing of the city, this photo was taken.

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

The younger child in the picture is dead and the older boy is his brother. He carried his brother to a crematorium, watching him burn but refusing to cry.

He had just lost everything in the world, but still focused on honoring his fallen (and equally innocent) younger brother.


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#29. The Heads of New Zealand’s Maori People

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments


#30. His Birth was A Mistake, his fault?

The only mistake he did was to be born in Syria. Did he determine that?

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

The above horrifying picture is because of “napalm bombs” used in suspected government air strikes in Hama province.

You can notice this small boy with horrific burns, his skin peeling away from his body in some places.

A doctor from this affected area also informed that mud is used as a cooling agent for these wounds as medical supplies are so low there is nothing else available.

Do you see humans but no humanity? The pains of this boy explains it.

Contr: Bassam Atheeque


Read – 15 LOVELY MESSES Your “Expectant Wife Will Put Through before the baby arrives. 


#31. Truly Unlucky Couple

A young Burmese couple has killed themselves because the girl’s parents arranged her to marry someone else.

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

Two weeks after the wedding, she ran away from her lawful husband, and with her college lover, the two committed suicide by hanging themselves together.


#32. The Iraqi Girl at Checkpoint

The picture below depicts a lifelong agony.

It’s called the Iraqi Girl at Checkpoint and was taken by Chris Hondros in January of 2005.

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

That small, horror struck, girl’s name is Samar Hassan and this photo was captured merely moments after both of her parents were shot to death, in front of her eyes.

Their crime? Taking their sick son to the hospital.

She’s covered in her parent’s blood.

She was only five.

Her parents are gone. Not for eight minutes. Forever.

Can you fathom what she went through, and the future?. The grief, terror a five year old had to endure.


#33. If Not for Terrorism

You may term the image above as a better version of dying because the man was practically shot dead; a simple way to die.


Scared Already?

Listen up now: Truth is, there are a series of Daunting Discoveries & Life Stories coming up. Subscribe here for more.


#34. Operation Lion Heart

Pulitzer Prize award winning photojournalist Deanne Fitzmaurice won the highly respected award in 2005 for the photographic essay “Operation Lion Heart.”

“Operation Lion Heart” is the story of a 9-year-old Iraqi boy who was severely injured by an explosion during one of the most violent conflicts of modern history – the Iraq War.

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

The boy was brought to a hospital in Oakland, CA where he had to undergo dozens of life-and-death surgeries. His courage and unwillingness to die gave him the nickname: Saleh Khalaf, “Lion Heart”.

Deanne Fitzmaurice’s shocking photographs ran in the San Francisco Chronicle in a five-part series written by Meredith May.

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

After the operation

Contr: Towhid Jewel


35. Man Kills Lady, Uses Her Corpse To Cook Pepper-soup For Sale

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

As reported by, a yet-to-be-identified Nigerian man was apprehended, after he killed a lady with his friends and reportedly used her corpse to cook pepper-soup for sale.

The said man who killed the lady is from the Northern side of Nigeria, and he committed the crime with the help of some of his friends from same region.

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

He was thereafter forced to carry the pot used in cooking the deceased, as the residents of the area in Cross River State pushed on to nab other culprits linked to the crime.


Huh: Here is a crazy Proof That People Are Born Twice


#36. Bhopal Gas Tragedy 1984 (Pablo Bartholomew)

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

Pablo Bartholomew is an acclaimed Indian photojournalist who captured the Bhopal Gas Tragedy into his lens. Twenty-six years have passed since India’s worst industrial catastrophe injured 558,125 people and killed as many as 15,000.


#37. Ruhila Adatia

She was 7 months pregnant when she went to the WestGate mall to do some shopping for her first baby.

She is lying somewhere amongst these dead bodies.

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

What happened to the Husband?

Imagine the happiness, the thrill, her baby, her first child coming in this world?

Little did she know that?

It’s her last day on earth

It’s the death of her unborn baby

The dreams to see a beautiful kid be squashed

For her husband who thinks his wife is shopping and later they will have some dinner, that was the end.

Her story is so touching.

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

Here is what Katyayani Misra (a concerned individual) had to say,


May I know for what?

What had these people done and who are you to decide their fate?

Who are you to decide an unborn child’s fate?

You think this gives respect and that some God orders to kill innocents?

Oh no!

Innocents’ blood brings havoc and I hope those who killed living unborn people should have the worst hell if it ever exists.

Yes, I am angry and my thoughts are for this beautiful woman, her unborn baby and for a husband who lost his world in just one day.


#38. James Bulger Cold Blood Murder

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

Photo: WikiPedia

The two-year-old toddler – James Bulger in the picture was out with his mum shopping when he was abducted by two eleven-year-old boys – Jon Venables and Robert Thompson (one of whom is holding his hand in the photo).

What they did to this child when they decided to murder him wasn’t just inhumane, it was quite simply – evil.

The agonies Jamie Bulger must have suffered in those two and a half hours before they finally got bored of torturing him and crushed his skull, are beyond human comprehension.

As is trying to understand the reasoning behind how two eleven-year-old boys, could ever think that the brutal torture and murder of a child was in any way, an acceptable and rational act.

Robert Thompson and Jon Venables were released in 2001 & 2002 respectively, with new identities and into protective custody.

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

Footage: showing the 2 year old led away by the 2 evil planners

Cruel & Trial?

The most devastating news is that the parent of the victim, Ralph and Denise had previously lost a daughter who was stillborn. You can imagine the agony of trying yet he is taken away from you, before your very eye.

Up to five hundred protesters gathered at South Sefton Magistrates’ Court during the boys’ initial court appearances. The parents of the accused were moved to different parts of the country and assumed new identities following death threats from vigilantes.

This is disgusting. I’m sorry if this comes as a shock but these two boys deserve far worse, a commenter said.


#39. A Congolese Man Of His Daughter’s Foot And Hand Cut

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

The man above was punished just because he could not finish the days of, or target on the farm. The punishment was that his daughters Foot & Hand Cut were cut. Look at the picture above, you will see him tearing over her body parts.


#40. René Hartevelt

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

The photo above is a lady known as René Hartevelt. She was murdered, sexually assaulted and EATEN by Issei Sagawa, a living vampire.


#41. Albino Boy, Biafra

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments

Captured in 1969 by Don McCullin

McCullin wrote. “Dying of starvation, he was still among his peers an object of ostracism, ridicule and insult.” This photo profoundly influenced public opinion, pressured governments to take action and led to massive airlifts of food, medicine and weapons.


Read more Contents Below



Final Notes

Most Horrifying Pictures-Moments? Would you say so? Call it the top creepy pictures if you want, but for some, they will have to hide their faces to bypass #40. #24. #10 and #33.

There you have it, some of the horrible pictures to behold.


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